Lighting 101 FAQs


Illuminate your kitchen with downlights, the primary light source for the space. These fixtures offer an abundance of light and are evenly distributed across the ceiling to ensure every corner of your kitchen is well-lit. Typically, kitchens feature several recessed downlights installed on a dimmer switch. However, if recessed lighting is not feasible, you can consider flush mount ceiling lights as an alternative option to provide ample illumination for your kitchen.


Enhance your room’s style and functionality with eye-catching pendant lights that serve both as a decorative element and a focused task lighting solution. Placing pendants above an island or a spacious counter area provides ample illumination for tasks such as cutting, washing dishes, or serving food. To ensure unobstructed sightlines, it’s important to hang the pendants approximately 30-36 inches from the counter surface. This positioning allows for optimal lighting without obstructing the view.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Illuminate your kitchen with under cabinet lighting using tape lights, which effectively brighten up your food preparation areas.

Additionally, installing a focused light in the pantry ensures that everything is well-lit and easy to find Prioritizing safety, step and hallway lights are low-light fixtures that cast a downward angle, providing ample visibility for every step taken in the dark.


To create different atmospheres in your kitchen, utilize dimmers to adjust the lighting tone. Dialling down the brightness creates a moodier and more intimate setting, perfect for cozy gatherings or romantic date nights. Adapt the lighting to suit the occasion and set the desired ambiance in your kitchen.

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Need help with installation?

McLaren Lighting takes pride in its commitment to customer satisfaction and safety. In addition to providing exceptional lighting products, they also prioritize the well-being of their customers by referring them to trusted and qualified electricians. This dedication ensures that customers receive professional assistance when it comes to installation and electrical work, guaranteeing a seamless and secure lighting experience.