Lighting 101 FAQs

Lighting for Open Floor Plan

The key to creating an impressive open floor plan lies in careful planning. To establish a captivating centerpiece that anchors the “room,” there’s nothing quite like a strategically positioned chandelier or a cluster of mini pendants at different heights. Take a moment to assess your space and determine where the focal point of the “room” should be, and then design the surrounding areas accordingly. Additionally, incorporating a consistent material or finish throughout your open floor plan can enhance the overall flow and cohesiveness of the space.

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Need help with installation?

McLaren Lighting takes pride in its commitment to customer satisfaction and safety. In addition to providing exceptional lighting products, they also prioritize the well-being of their customers by referring them to trusted and qualified electricians. This dedication ensures that customers receive professional assistance when it comes to installation and electrical work, guaranteeing a seamless and secure lighting experience.