Designers & Architects

Design is creative, and we understand the creative process. When done right it produces spectacular results. We work instep with interior designers and architectural design firms to make your vision a reality.

Special Pricing

Our pricing can’t be beat. Our buying power gives us an edge, and those savings are passed on to you.

Priority Service

Our customer service is what we’re known for. From start to finish, we’re with you every step of the way.

Exclusive Selection

With over 5000 items on display, come in and see for yourself. If it’s hanging in the showroom, it’s in stock.

ALA Consultants

Our people are what sets us apart. Our experience in the industry is what makes us the Leaders in Lighting®

Execute your vision.

Most people wouldn’t think to consult a lighting expert before choosing fixtures and solutions for their project or renovation, it can make a massive impact on the beauty and mood of your home.

We combine that impact with leading technology and functionality by helping you select the solutions that make sense for your project and will light your home for years to come.

Our team is uniquely qualified because we’ve been experts in our field since 1960, and if it’s something custom or bespoke, we can create it together.

Our years of knowledge and expertise alongside contemporary design aesthetic will help you perfectly light your home.

Make a statement. Deliver for your clients lighting as unique as your design aesthetic.

Contact us and let’s find out.

Lamps & Mirrors

Modern or classic, the right lamps and mirrors will perfectly tie together a room. We carry a wide range and huge selection of statement lamps, desk lamps, and mirrors.

Let your inner interior designer run wild in our showroom.


From individual fixtures that change the feel of a room, or replacing all of the fixtures in an entire home renovation, we work with you to make your dream a reality. Make your home truly yours.


We make sure your home or build has exactly what it needs when it needs it. We offer on time and same day delivery when necessary, all organized by room and by type so there is no guesswork.

Service & Delivery

Customer service is our top priority. We make sure you have what you need, when you need it. We’ll help you select the best lighting for your specific project. Same day delivery on qualified purchases.
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Lighting & Design Services

Lighting is unique, and so is your project.

We can work with you, your contractor, your interior designer or your electrician to design the perfect space. We work with architectural drawings and create lighting plans and designs unique to you and your project.

View our past projects and see how others have benefited from our exceptional lighting design services.