Builders & Contractors

We work very closely with builders and contractors from initial architectural drawings through to completion. Our Builder Division is committed to delivering your project on time and beautifully designed.

Contractor Pricing

Our pricing can’t be beat. Our buying power gives us an edge, and those savings are passed on to you.

Service & Delivery

Our customer service is what we’re known for. From start to finish, we’re with you every step of the way.

Exclusive Suppliers

With over 5000 items on display, come in and see for yourself. If it’s hanging in the showroom, it’s in stock.

Builder Division

Our people are what sets us apart. Our experience in the industry is what makes us the Leaders in Lighting®

Separate yourself from the competition and deliver your project on time, every time.

When you offer your client something no one else can, that separate you from the crowd.

We offer exclusive selections, and broker deals with exclusive suppliers to deliver fixtures and bulbs you use on a regular basis with specialized pricing.

It’s about relationships

Any time you build a home or are working on a project, it’s about the relationships you create with your suppliers. It’s the same in any industry.

Our entire business is built around maintaining those relationships. Our customers, electricians, contractors, and builders are with us for years because of our commitment to them.

Introduce yourself, and let’s start building.


From individual fixtures that change the feel of a room, or replacing all of the fixtures in an entire home renovation, we work with you to make your dream a reality. Make your home truly yours.


We make sure your home or build has exactly what it needs when it needs it. We offer on time and same day delivery when necessary, all organized by room and by type so there is no guesswork.


We know electricians need to quantity of very specific items all the time. We prioritize this so you can come in, get your products, and get back to work.

Mclaren Lighting Builder & Design Services

We specialize in working with builders. We inherently understand what you need and when you need it

Deliver your project on time, on budget, every time.