Shine a Light on Your Lamps

Everybody needs a little light in their life. With over 63 years of experience, we are Canada’s leading lamp and lighting source, featuring every style of lamp and lighting fixture you need. But what makes our lamps stand out from the others on the market? Here are a few things that set Mclaren Lighting apart from the rest:

Table Lamps, Floor Lamps and More

We are dedicated to offering more styles and lamp options than any other supplier. From floor lamps to task lamps to your everyday LED lamp and table lamp, we have every lighting option you could imagine or want. We strive to pick lighting that suits your style, décor and lighting needs. We offer a variety of colours, such as our popular silver LED lamps and our black finish floor lamps. We offer both modern and classic lighting, including sconces and traditional shaded lamps to help add that special touch to your home. Many people enjoy purchasing our shaded lamps, as well as our more modern and sleek silver wall options. If there is a style out there, chances are we have a lamp or lighting solution to match it.

The Lamps and Company You Need

After over six decades doing business with myriad satisfied customers, McLaren Lighting has become one of the most trusted lighting resources in Canada. We believe in making the customer happy by providing them with the best service possible, and the best lighting possible. With a variety of options and resources, we strive to be the best one-stop lighting source, both online and in store.