Modern Forms

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Founded in 2013, Modern forms is the cutting-edge division of WAC lighting. Built entirely around LED technology, Modern forms is all about taking the latest breakthroughs in illumination and bringing them to your home. Time doesn’t stand still, so why should your lighting?

Modern Forms on Design

Modern Forms design is driven by insatiable curiosity. The company’s designers take that curiosity and use it to drive innovation, taking ideas from everywhere in the hopes of transforming home illumination. Designers work hand in hand with engineers, with new ideas flowing from one to the other in a continuous process of refinement that pushes both sides to their creative limits. Beyond the technology, the Modern forms aesthetic is based on the combination of three design schools:

  • Mid-Century Modern: The Modern Forms style draws from the functionality of this school, with the way it celebrates the materials used and juxtaposes geometric with organic forms. As a design approach it originated in the United States around the immediate postwar era; growing out of forms such as Bauhaus.
  • Minimalist: The Minimalist school thrives on wide-open spaces with lots of lighting. This school leads to scattered illumination where the light is everywhere rather than simply focused on a few points. Minimalism relies on clean lines without added ornamentation; ornament draws the eye to the piece’s appearance rather than letting the form follow function.
  • Scandinavian: Following the same lines as both Minimalist and Mid-Century Modern design, Scandinavian design seeks to draw the beauty from simplicity. Straight lines, smooth curves, and exquisite craftsmanship work together to produce designs that take the form of art without compromising or hiding function.

Together, these three very similar design schools serve as a foundation and inspiration for the appearance of all Modern Forms fans and luminaires.

A Greener Approach

One of the advantages of Modern Forms’ devotion to advanced cutting edge technology is the way it supports a more sustainable lifestyle. All Modern Forms lighting systems rely entirely on LED lighting elements, taking advantage of their much-reduced power draw in comparison to conventional lighting systems.

Two Kinds of LEDs

Not all LEDs are the same, a fact that Modern Forms’ designers are fully aware of. Cutting edge technology and design can work wonders for building performance while maintaining a green footprint, but it’s not enough to choose sustainable options. You also have to work to the strengths of each option. With LEDs that means being able to work with both conventional LED elements and OLED panels. While both work by converting electric current directly to illumination, each option provides its own set of strengths and benefits:

  • LED Elements: Standard LED elements are based around individual point sources that emit light through a process called electroluminescence. In simple terms, you run a current through a diode and it emits energy in the form of photons. They work very well whenever you need high intensity or tightly focused light–you can also use them in chandeliers and other luminaires.
  • OLED Panels: OLEDs, or organic LEDs, differ significantly from their electroluminescent cousins. Rather than an ordered crystal, it uses disordered elements spread over a glass substrate. This means that instead of a point source, you get even illumination across the entire panel. This makes them perfect for background lighting.

What Does Modern Forms Have to Offer?

Modern Forms brings simplicity and efficiency to stylish elegance. The company offers two major product lines for your home; both of which serve to make it both more comfortable and more energy efficient. It’s easy to get carried away with the decorative side of things. The glass, crystal, and gold leaf create a sense of elegant luxury, but these materials are only part of the story. They’re just the surface. Below that surface lie diecast aluminum and marine-grade stainless steel; materials that ensure your products not only look good but also last as long as you need them.

  • Luminaires: Modern Forms luminaires run the gamut from wall lights, to bathroom and vanity lights, ceiling lights, and outdoor sconces. The one thing they share is a minimalist aesthetic that puts the fixture at your personal style’s service rather than forcing you to bend to theirs. From the glamorous curves of the Acid Collection to the humblest bathroom light; it all exists to make your house a home.
  • Fans: Modern Forms smart fans rely on smooth and efficient DC motors to move air in your house. Rather than forcing you to stretch up to a too-short pull chain, they rely on radio frequency controls tied into your home Wi-Fi so you can choose between using the wall panel or simply pulling out your smartphone to set the speed. They even integrate with Alexa and your Google Assistant.

Why Buy Modern Forms from McLaren?

There’s more to lighting your home than just plugging in a table lamp. Lights express your personal style, show what you stand for, and affect your emotions. Making McLaren Lighting your source for Modern Forms lighting and fixtures just makes sense. We are local to Vancouver Island, and have the expertise you need to choose the right fixtures for your home. The experts at McLaren will answer questions you didn’t know existed. You may not think about wiring and switch placement, but McLaren Lighting staff do. Trust McLaren and let Modern Forms illuminate your world.

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