Kuzco Lighting

If you want to buy KUZCO Lighting fixtures on Vancouver Island, McLaren Lighting is your first and only choice. As KUZCO’s exclusive distributor, and with showrooms in both Victoria and Nanaimo, BC, McLaren has both the opportunity and the responsibility of seeing to your lighting needs. That’s not something to take lightly.

Nathan Yang, KUZCO’s president, founded the Surrey-based lighting company in 2006. His vision of elegance and simplicity, coupled with classical design elements has propelled the lighting design company to the top of the North American market. The award-winning company most recently won two Platinum Prizes at the 2019 European Product Design Awards. KUZCO won another award this past year for Best Visual Presentation for its showroom design at Lightovation in Dallas. Canadian recognition includes a position in the Canadian Business Growth 500 for 2018 and 2019. While the headquarters and distribution centre are not open to the public, its Vancouver showroom is available by appointment. The company is a fine example of West Coast style and innovation, with lighting solutions for any situation.

The KUZCO LED Advantage

There are a multitude of factors that should go into any lighting decision. One of the biggest is choosing the right type of light. Unfortunately, more options often means more questions. Life was simple when everything took the same size bulbs, but things have changed. It’s not just style, it’s also technology. While you can always choose incandescent or even compact fluorescent options, the future is clearly LED. McLaren Lighting offers a wide range of KUZCO LED options to suit any home.

LED lighting is more than just a trend, it offers a number of advantages compared to traditional lighting solutions:

  • Efficiency: LEDs use only 10% of the electrical power of incandescent options; making them the smart choice for anyone looking to cut their Hydro bill.

  • Life: LED elements last up to 60,000 hours–forty times as long as a conventional incandescent bulb.

  • Temperature: Incandescent bulbs turn 90% of their energy into heat–LEDs turn it into light. They aren’t just more efficient, they are also much safer.

  • Environment: Unlike incandescents, LED lights contain no mercury or other toxic chemicals. Add in their longer life and they both release less overall waste and also do so less often.

KUZCO Means Style

The McLaren team know good lighting solutions involve more than just picking the right kind of bulbs for your fixtures. Finding the right lighting solution requires understanding your lifestyle and how it affects your lighting needs. People who do a lot of crafting or reading in their living area want more light than those who devote the space to their home theatre setup.

Style is more than just the amount of light: style is also about the design of the fixtures. Good fixtures draw attention where you want it; they blend seamlessly with the rest of your decor to show off your home in its best light.

That’s why KUZCO Lighting doesn’t limit itself to LED boards, but also offers fixtures for conventional bulbs; to keep your options open and flexible. LED bulbs have obvious advantages, but the fixture are designed to work with other lighting  types as well.

Let’s shine a light on a few of KUZCO’s different fixture types.

Wall Lights:

Kuzco - Rotaire FixturesWhile they all hang on the wall, wall lights don’t all do the same thing. Most fall into one of three categories: upward facing, downward facing, and directional. Some simply add ambiance, while others serve a practical purpose as a work light or serve to illuminate a picture. KUZCO offers a wide range of wall lights in different styles for you to choose from:

  • Pandora: Whether single-arm vertical or dual-arm horizontal, Pandora’s rotating LED board directs the light where you want it. Splash it back toward the wall or downwards onto a table.

  • Alberni: Mount this simple rectangular design either horizontally or vertically to provide lighting in bathrooms, halls, or other locations. Don’t leave people in the dark.

  • Propeller: Add a touch of elegant whimsy with this twisted bar style. Place it in whatever direction you need for the statement you want to make.

  • Synergy: This fixture features a curved light board that sweeps gently downward, illuminating in the direction of your choice. Let the light swoop around the room.

Ceiling Lights:

From chandeliers to single fixtures, KUZCO ceiling lights can easily dominate a room. Your ceiling fixture is the one that ties your entire lighting scheme together. Choosing the right ceiling light makes a statement. It says what you intend to do in the room and how you plan on doing it. The very word fixture shows its permanence; it’s an underrated element of any decor. Consider some of these styles:

  • Cerchio: Tiered rings built around LED boards, Cerchio offers anywhere from one to three tiers to match your lighting preferences. Tie rooms together with a common lighting style.

  • Anello: This semi-flush mount features multiple LED boards arranged around a central boss in three eccentric bands. Add style and elegance in this dimmable fixture.

  • Vega Minor: Go flush with two pairs of crossed horizontal LED boards; Vega Minor provides all the light you need with a modern minimalist style.

Why Buy KUZCO from McLaren?

There’s more to lighting your home than just plugging in a table lamp. Lights express your personal style, and affect your emotions. Making McLaren Lighting your source for KUZCO Lighting and fixtures just makes sense. We are local to Vancouver Island, and have the expertise you need to choose the right fixtures for your home. The KUZCO experts at McLaren will answer questions you didn’t know existed. You may not think about wiring and switch placement, but McLaren Lighting staff do. Trust McLaren and let KUZCO light up your life.