Alora Lighting

Shine your light on style with Alora, exclusively available to Vancouver Island through McLaren Lighting.

Our showrooms in Victoria and Nanaimo are the only ones on Vancouver Island where you can see Alora Lighting in all its glory. We know the importance of lighting your home and are proud that you can trust us with that responsibility.

With a name that comes from the Greek for “shining light,” the Alora Lighting mission is nothing less than to shine the light of elegance into your life. While the name and style may be classical, Alora itself is a new brand in the world of lighting; launched from the vision of founder Nathan Yang. Best known for founding KUZCO Lighting in 2006, Yang introduced Alora Lighting to the world in January 2019 at the Lightovation trade show in Dallas. Where KUZCO focuses on minimalism, the goal for Alora is to complement that with a sense of classic style and elegance.

The Allure of Elegance

Elegance is one of those words that gets thrown around often. You hear it used to describe everything from a person’s gait to a mathematical theorem. Many people may not be able to define it, but most people know it when they see it. To be elegant is to possess a specific form of beauty, a beauty both in form and in function. Alora Lighting is designed from first principles to be elegant in design and beautiful in use.
Truly elegant lighting shares three important elements:

Imagination: Elegant design doesn’t simply rehash the ideas of the past. Elegance can be inspired by the past but it always includes a fresh look at the world.
Simplicity: Elegance is simple, it doesn’t add anything to a design for its own sake. It includes everything you need and nothing you don’t.
Efficiency: Elegance is efficient; single design elements perform multiple functions. It makes the best use of every component, letting them work together to create a greater whole.

Why Alora?

The team at McLaren Lighting knows that different customers have different needs. One may look for something modern and minimalistic, while another customer may want to avoid minimalism without sacrificing the simplicity of design. Alora Lighting adds beauty to a room by its mere presence. Its creative design doesn’t look to avoid the limelight, but to show itself in its best light. Alora means more than just excellence in design, it also means superior materials and craftsmanship. Truly elegant designs are timeless, which is why Alora Lighting is built to last.

Explore the Styles of Alora

Renovate and decorate with Alora Lighting

While all elegance and luxury share certain qualities, neither is monolithic. There are many different ways to approach elegance of design, and that’s why Alora Lighting offers a range of collections so that you can choose the vision of elegance that best matches your own personal style. From the more recent collections of the 2020 update to those that launched the brand, whet your appetite for Alora with these timeless visions of illumination.


Capturing the style of classic columns; Flute features vertical ribbing rising up the sides of glass colonnades on bases of brass, nickel, or bronze. Its sleek vertical look is timeless in its appeal. Enjoy the essence of Greece and Rome in a modern setting.


Cascade through crystal with Carlisle. Choose from various designs of chandeliers and sconces that fill a room with a softly glowing waterfall of illumination. Relax in the comfort of lighting that’s never harsh and always stylish.


Add structure to a space with the lights of Salita. Salita’s formal style makes it perfect for entertainment and first impressions. Balance the modernity of clear shades with the classical design of upward ribs to beautifully balance yesterday and today. Available in both linear and circular arrangements.


With a name meaning “the most beautiful one,” Calista is a style perfectly suited for adding elegance to any room. These table lamps offer tapered crystal bodies rising to white silk shades. Metallic accents complete the vision. Enjoy the ability to move your lighting with the room.


For a natural and relaxed lighting experience explore the beauty of the Coast collection in its expansion into table lamps. Clear glass globes and natural linen shades offer you the opportunity to enjoy an airy light that’s perfect when you want to wind down at the end of the day.

Why Should You Choose to Purchase Alora Lighting from McLaren?

Installing lighting is a big decision; it defines the way you see everything in your home. Choosing McLaren Lighting as your source for Alora products and fixtures is one way to control your vision of your living space. Our experts can answer the questions you didn’t think to ask before you know it exists. We can place the fixtures, put the right switches in the right place and make sure everything runs smoothly. Trust your eyes, and your lighting to the experts at McLaren and let Alora illuminate your world.

Swing by our showrooms to see the beauty of Alora Lighting shine forth.