Our ALA certified Builder/Designer Division team works with you on your residential or commercials projects from the ground up, helping you to implement a lighting strategy from your inital blueprints through to the completion of the project.


From start to finish, we help you create the best possible options for you and your clients.

As a contractor working with Mclaren Lighting, you receive free delivery, same day service when needed, a 1 year in-store warranty, free on-site planning and consulting, and discounted builder rates. No matter what the scale of your project, we are here to help you.


Whether you are taking on a new construction project, renovating a home or business, or decorating a home, Mclaren Lighting’s Design Division works hard to help you implement your creative vision. With many exclusive lines, the most up-to-date selection of products, and support throughout your entire project, your goals are a reality.

Victoria Division

E: Mike McDougall CLC

Nanaimo Division

E: Craig Finnigan