Landscape lighting is a great way to bring your home and yard to life at night. It not only allows you to light up pathways and create a safer outdoor environment, but to showcase the unique outdoor features of your home such as landscaping, trees, and architectural elements of your home.

Here a a few things to think about when you are planning your landscape lighting:

– Choose what areas and features of your property that you would like to feature.

– Consider where you need light for tasks such as lighting pathways, steps, and entrances.

– Plan your pathways using low-voltage, down facing lights to provide a nicely lit without glare to guide you and guests along paths.

– Use spotlights to feature trees and other large features on your property, as well as to ‘wash’ walls with light to create dramatic light/shadow features.

– When planning your outdoor lighting for your patio, consider how it’s used – where you prep/cook food, sit, etc. – so that you can choose the proper lighting in order to get more use out of your patio and night by bringing it to life.

– Water features can sparkle with the right lighting. Lighting can also increase the safety around fountains, ponds, and pools.

– Lighting throughout your landscaping can provide a beautiful feel at night, showcasing the features of your garden and yard. Focus on unique plants, and the manicured areas of your yard.

– Create ‘zones’ for your lighting so that you can control specific areas on their own.

– Don’t overdo it. Too much light can create ‘light pollution’ and distract guests and neighbours. Aim for a subtle, well-planned landscape lighting scene that accentuates your landscaping, features, and home.

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